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Hi readers-

I am planning on moving my blog to blogspot because there are just a few things that worpress doesn’t do that blogspot does. You are welcome to follow me to my new blogspot- My URL is: Hope to see you all there really soon.



It’s rather scary, the end is in sight (graduation) and I am trying to figure my life out.

I have one job offer which is great but it’s not a job that seems worth taking. During the first interview I was offered a therapist position, however by the second interview the title had changed to therapist/case manager/community outreach. Which means I will get a ton of experience doing multiple things.   A little history about the agency- it’s a small community center of only 4-5 employees, that is currently being reconstructed/revamped.  With that said, they are unable to offer benefits, requiring me to pay for my background check, license exam/application fee, and my own continued education units which are required to keep my license.  They are only offering me 30,000 per year. I was caught up in the moment and said I would love the position. I wasn’t asked to sign any contract but I did complete W2 & W4 forms. I am not sure if it’s too late to negotiate the salary but, I think I’m going to call on Monday and let her know that I am having second thoughts about the position. If she wants to negotiate then great I may go ahead and try at it even though I am not sure how to negotiate. If not then I will continue to look for jobs at other more established organizations that offer all the things that I am looking for in a job – not just good experience.

Therefore, I haven’t had much time to run. I am looking forward to being done with finals (may 6th last final) because, then I will have all the time in the world to run. My next race is June 13th 2nd half marathon. Hopefully training May 7th- the race will be enough to whip me back into shape.

Lake House for the Weekend

Final Hill before I met my goal of 10K

Hit up the many hills at the lake house- The paparazzi were following my every move (aka- amazing boyfriend who rides in the golf car behind me)

One of the only pictures of me actually looking at the camera

One of the smaller more gradual inclines

What goes up must always come down
About 3K to go

Sluggish Running

Ever have a sluggish Run?

After my last class of the day was cancelled, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my time- running. The weather is beautiful – 80° sunny but breezy.

So, I set out for an hour long run. I got to about mile 1.5 and I knew there was no way my body was going to last another 45 minutes. So, after stretching/walking a couple times I decided it would be best to head home rather than getting out too far and not being able to make it back home.

I hate bad runs- this may be a result of the lack of running last week. Can your body become unconditioned in just one week? I felt as if I had never run a day in my life.  It’s days like today that I wish running was an easy sport.

Goal- still to run more and get in better shape. (wow what a vague goal, probably why I am unable to accomplish it.)

Rockdale Ramblin- Race 2 of 10


Yep that’s correct. Just completed the toughest 10K in the Midwest.

Woke up at 6:20am.

Picked up racing buddy by 7:15am.

Got to the race by 8:20am.

Picked up race packet. Awesome sweatshirt, wasn’t as crappy as I had thought it would be. Never heard of a race giving away sweatshirts. Can’t complain. Picture coming soon. (it’s in the wash)




The arm is my favorite ("Toughest 10K in the Midwest")

Warm up consisted of a small lap around the block, stretched briefly.

Only true complaint I have: wasn’t very organized at the start line. Couldn’t here any of the announcements being made. Had no real idea when the gun was going to go off.

Mile 1– Within 100 ft of the start line there was a ginormous hill! My friend and I were in shock and fear that the entire race was going to be like the first 100ft. And it was!

Mile 2– Two more hills but not as big as the first one. By this point it was hot and I overdressed in tights and a tech-t.

Mile 3– I stopped counting the hills. All I know was that there were one too many. This was the most difficult mile. I wanted to give up. I just wanted to walk. I live in the city and there are no hills to train on. I didn’t do my research well enough and didn’t prepare for so many hills and it showed.

Mile 4– started out as a down hill but after a quick turn to the right, what was I to find ahead of me. A HUGE hill. It was by far the longest most gradual hill. It just went on and on and on. Right as you think you made it to the top there is another little hill. I gave up at this point. My running friend was kicking as# and I told her to go ahead without me. I walked, I let a couple people pass.

Mile 5-finish– I was just happy that the end was in sight. There were some down hills and then a nice and flat finish. So I just pushed till the end.

Overall the toughest for sure. Guess I’m not as tough as I thought. I was just proud that I finished, but not proud that I walked. This race kicked my @ss so much that I am going to try harder to run more. No more getting lazy with the training. The weather is finally nice, I have no good reason to not get out there and make those scheduled runs. It is the end of the semester and finals are in sight, but it’s the perfect stress relief. It’s all about self care.

Pictures coming soon…


My friend and I after packet pick up

Preping the ipod

Trying to figure out the timing chip

Before the race picture

Heading to the start

All lined up at the start

Runners coming into the finish

Post race stretching

Last picture... sorry guys for the many pictures.

The end

Rockdale Ramblin 10K

Hmmm…. I haven’t had the time or energy to run this week. Never good when there is a race scheduled for Saturday.  I was able to recruit a work friend to run it with me. Shhhh…. she doesn’t know I didn’t run all week. I hope I can keep up with her. My goal for this race will be to stay with her. We hope to push each other for a quick 10K but who knows what my body will do with Ø running this week.

I’m confident that I didn’t lose my running abilities just because, I didn’t get out there this week. Guess I should make a goal to run more next week, at least 4 times.

Reasons for no running-

Tuesday night I got maybe an hour and a half of sleep due to some family/sister drama.  I was more than happy to be up and of assistance and support to my family but, I sure did feel it during the day. For I had a presentation for one of my graduate classes and work all day. Everything, seems to have finally calm down with this situation. Thank Gosh!

This is gross… so I’m sorry if it’s too personal. The bf ran into our new landlord who reported that the building next door had a case of the bed bugs and they just sprayed all but 2 of the units in our building. Our apartment being one of the ones not sprayed. OUR LUCK! Who knows why. I guess maybe b.c we didn’t call with any complaints. Well I was in disbaliefe and denial that we could have such critters in our apartment. So, I started to think that I had developed an allergy. The bites have continued since that last post where I shared a picture of the bites. They are so terrible- I have a few on my FACE and mainly on my arms and neck. I am forced to cover up with turtle necks and long sleep shirts b.c it’s nasty and I don’t want people to ask why I look like I have chicken pocks. The exterminator came out Wednesday. The boyfriend was nice enough to stay up the whole night packing all of our clothes in bags. Then the night of the extermination cleaning and mopping. Bless his heart. I have been super grumpy with everything that has gone on this week. I owe him a shout out- I love you handsome, couldn’t have made it through this week without you. Sorry for being a bi&ch. It’s a little over 24 hours and no bites yet (knock on wood).

We have decided that we are done with this apartment. It has caused us one too many headaches. I have been looking online for a new place. We are looking to move out of the city and to the suburbs. We have two viewings scheduled for Sunday. I hope to be moved if at all possible by May 1st!

Wednesday I normally work until 1:30am at the University and I tried my best to stay up all night to get a huge paper done for another graduate class. I took a benadryl not thinking that it was drowsy medication. I was snoring within minutes of ingestion. Yea, I procrastinated. It’s what I do best.  I skipped both of my classes today due to the ugly bites on my face and neck and to finish the paper. I got it done with 10min to spare. Yikes!

I would say that’s all folks but that’s a lot in one week. Hope it make sense why there was no time for running. It would have been good therapy in dealing with everything but you need sleep and energy to do that which I had very little of.

I am working till 1:30am again tonight and waking up by 7am for the internship tomorrow. I am running on empty. Can’t wait for the weekend.

Plans for the weekend: Race Saturday morning- work 2-6. Apartment Search all Sunday.

2 Race Registrations Check

Just registered for my next race which is in two weeks. The Rockdale Ramblin 10K. Which only cost $35 and if I am remembering correct instead of a tech t you get a sweatshirt which seems like a steal for a race that only costs that much.  Almost too good to be true. Watch it be a super ugly sweatshirt…. that would be my luck.

I also decided to register for the 13.1 Marathon Chicago which is June 13th. I wonder if they picked that day because of it’s number significance that the 13.1 would be on the 13th of the month. Crazy! I’m lovin’ this race already.

Which I ironically got a coupon in my email yesterday morning for -$13.10 off the race. Which brought it from $55 to $45. The reason that it doesn’t really seem like 13.10 off is because there was a processing fee. Never seen this for a race registration before. It’s not like I’m purchasing tickets to a concert where you should expect a million processing and handling fees. For example, the other day my sister bought tickets to a Michael Buble concert that only cost $45 for the seats but after their a million and one (hidden) fees it came out to 200+ for two tickets. Which I think is just absurd. Almost as much as having a process fee for a race registration.

Can you say addicted to racing. Wish there were more half marathons in my area.

Saturday morning I ran my first half marathon, DesPlaines River Half Marathon. Went to bed at 11:30pm and was up bright and early 6:00am.

Pre-race preparation

I had some wheat toast with peanut butter and a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal. We were a little late leaving in the morning, for I had wanted to be out the door by 6:45-6:50am, however, we were on our way by 7:05am. We arrived around 7:45am. Parking was not a problem. We were a little concerned on the drive there that we would have to pay for parking.

Went to pick up the packet, they only had race-day pick up (strange, but probably because it was a smaller race.) As they looked up my long and unpronounceable name, the two young ladies said, “Yep, 69.” Guess what bib # I had? I turn and look at Tom who laughs and says “You would get that number.” lol.

That's me and my stupid #

I noticed shortly after that there was No Timing Chip! and no Goodies in the bag. I didn’t plan far enough in advance and didn’t have any energy bars, so, my cheap ass was hoping they would have something for the runners-even a  banana wouldn’t of hurt. So no other fuel other than the breakfast that was consumed at 6:05am.

I think the shirts look hideous. They are an ugly green- I call it glow in the dark green. It’s way too big for me (size S) but, it’s made of good quality material.


Close up of the front


Back- close up

I invited my family and my boyfriends family to support me while I ran my first half. My mom and Tom were the only ones that I knew for sure would be there. His mom and dad came out for the entire race and my dad ended up showing up right before the race started. (It was a chilly March morning for the spectators.)

Mom on the left- Me- Dad on the right

It was wonderful knowing that I had my own little cheer squad. I also ran into a friend from NikeTown Run Club. I introduced him to my cheer squad and then we originally went our own ways. However, I found him at the start line, where we wished each other good luck. We ended up running the entire race together, unintentionally. He is an experienced runner who has logged a 3:02 Marathon time. So, it was nice having my own little coach for the entire thing. The only thing I really knew about running my first half was to pace myself and to not go out too fast.

We are actually on the cover of the free event photo album-

I'm the one wearing the white hat and he is the first one of the pack.

Yep- that’s right, FREE EVENT PHOTO.

Me before the race

The start was rather disorganized, I couldn’t really tell where the start line was. Regardless, I started off my first half in the middle of the group.

Here we are again- this one taken by Tom (much clearer than the event camera). This was taken at about mile 2 which is why I am flashing the Peace sign

Both of my shoes became untied at about mile 1, which never happens. I must have just slipped them on and never went back to really tie them. My hands were numb so it felt like it took me forever to get them tied. As I watched everyone pass me, I wouldn’t help but wonder if I would be able to gain my spot back. I knew that I would have to sprint up, but I had my running buddy as a marker. So, I knew how much distance I would have to make up. I was able to catch up without a problem.

Saw my family at mile 2 as you can see from the picture above. I only saw the guys (Tom, Dad, and his Dad) at about mile 6.5 unintentionally. I guess they were taking a 4 mile walk around the lake. Once I saw them I waved and waved until they finally notices me. This took some energy out of me which left me panting.

Shortly after mile 2 they had a hydration station, which we opted not to drink anything. The next one was at maybe mile 3.5 and 6 (there was a turn around which brought us back to the same hydration station). My first hydration was red Gatorade which I spilled all over myself. I didn’t know that people actually wasted their precious time stopping to drink. I learn from my mistakes, so on our way back to the lake path at mile 6 we stopped and had water for a second. Then went on. The next hydration station was mile 9 (another turn around point)- had some water. Then that was all for the rest of the race.

I am proud of myself for not walking or giving up- even though I wanted to. I don’t count stopping to tie my shoes or hydration stations because, those were necessary stops not because, I was too tiered.

Miles 7.5-11 were hilly. About three hills. This sucked because, I was already worried since I had only run 8 miles prior to the race, I didn’t know how I would do after that point. But, I did just fine. My running coach/friend explained that he likes to lean into the hills which helps push you forward and through the hill. I did this for 2 of the 3 hills. They still sucked. I live in Chicago, there are not hills accessible for me to train on.

For the rest of the race I had to coach myself to the end. Repeated in my mind, “You made it this far, you can do just two more. Thats nothing. You got this.” My running partner mentioned at mile 12 that if we picked it up just a hair that we could finish in a sub 1:50. My goal was to run it in 2 hours. No complaints here. So, we pushed till the end. I wanted to die and stop but I didn’t. I slowed down for a second until I knew that I would soon see my loved ones and didn’t want them to see me going slow because, that is not at all how the rest of the race was. I wanted to impress them. We finished at 1:50:56. Which I hear isn’t bad for a first half.

Look what my love had for me at the finish line. I think I was the only one there who got flowers. They even took a picture of us at the finish for their website.

He's so sweet

The finally-

I came in 2nd in my age group- so I got two medals.

Proud runner and now an addicted race runner

Close up of the medals

Videos to come- I have 2 but I don’t know yet how to post them.

Seems like 2 was my lucky number during this race.

Not bad for a first race- to kick off my running/racing season.

Since the Race-

I couldn’t barely walk Saturday night. Had to manually lift my legs to where I wanted them. My knees killed the most.

By Sunday- My legs felt sore and tight but much better than Saturday.

Monday- wasn’t bad walked a little stiff but, nothing like Saturday night. Went for my first run- did an easy 3 miles- tried out my new hot pink nike shoes that I have chosen to keep. Gave the Saucony’s to mom- she was due for a new pair.

Today (Tuesday)- Back to my old self.

Hi all-

Tomorrow is the big day. Running my first half marathon. This will be the first race of ten for this year.  THE KICK OFF TO MY RUNNING SEASON.

I am feeling excited and scared all at the same time.  A big part of me is excited to be able to say that I completed a half marathon. More importantly accomplishing something that I set my mind to. This will be the key component to getting through the race. I plan to repeat this to myself during the most difficult parts. I imagine that like most races it is majority mental. I believe that my body is ready and can endure the long 13.1 miles. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and positive throughout the race.

One of the things that I wasn’t good at preparing for the race was, experimenting with gels, etc.   The only thing that I really have decided that I am willing to try is raisins. I baught the little to-go boxes and hope to suck on some of those when needed.  For those who follow my blog regularly and even for those who just have eyes and can read- the furthest I have gone is 8 miles which I am sure is not far enough in training for a half.  But oh well, those were the cards I was dealt. I found out about the race a little late in the game and modified my 10 races in 2010 to include this race for it wasn’t originally on my list of 10. I believe that I can do it though. If anything my plan is to slow down if needed but never to walk. And to not go out too fast, which is everyone advice.

Just checked the weather and it looks like the running gods are on my side and rooting for team Andriana. It is said to be 38° at 9 am when the race begins. 41° By 10am I assume around my half way marker. 44° by the end of the race. I hope to complete it in 2hrs however, I will be happy with anything.

So the plan in preparing up to the race-

Dinner of champions-

Guess from where- Go Roma

Planning on laying out my running clothes for tomorrow when I get home from work. I work till 9pm tonight then taking the train home. Therefore, this step won’t happen till about 10pm tonight. Will take picture and update later.

Going to be in bed by 10:30pm-11:00pm

Waking up at 6am- eating breakfast (plan for either oatmeal or toast with peanut butter) Seems to provide me with enough energy for an 8 mile run so why not for a 13 mile run.

It’s a 45 min drive from our place (33.6 miles)

They only offer packet pick up on the morning of race day. Kinda strange. But, it’s not like I would have had the time or means to get there any other day of the week. So no problem here. Which is happening from 7:20am-8:30. I hope and plan to be there by 7:45am for packet pick up.

Then warming up and stretching from there after till line up.

Race begins at 9am.

*The race had to be modified due to some flooding so that should be an interesting twist.

Without further ado… I received the Nike Shoes. Now I think they are too big for my feet. I was strongly considering wearing them on race day but, not so sure anymore.

I have three pairs to pick from.

My old nike shoes that I have been training in that seem to possibly causing my foot problems (but more long-term).

My Nike LunarElite+ which my boyfriend’s mom was nice enough to let me have them delivered to her home because, I had some issues with delivery earlier in the week. It’s all cleared up now. So I won’t go into it. Listen to how sweet she was, she received them this a.m and had them to me at the hospital where I was interning most of the day. Bless her heart.

And the Saucony shoes I purchased last Saturday.

Now I am sitting on a huge decision that needs to be made over night. I may just stick with my old shoes incase the other ones cause me issues. I’m sure it’s not recommended or normal to wear a pair of new running shoes on your longest run EVER + on a Race day. Just seems like bad luck.

I feel terrible about this because, I jumped through hoops to get these Nike’s here by race day. .. and now to chose to not even wear them tomorrow seems……………not sure what the word is. It will come to me.

Some weird things seem to be happening surrounding this race. I sent out an invite letting all my closest family know about my race hoping they would come out and support me. My boyfriend’s sister was the first to respond that she would be coming and his other sister’s husband said they would do their best. I assumed my mom would be there because, she is just that amazing. I had my reservations about the boyfriend being able to get off work. But he made it happen. But, this week it seems like everyone that I thought was coming excluding my two biggest fans- BF and Mom isn’t able to come. One said, she is going to the beach house with the hubby and to see some of his family out there. My sis thought she would be able to get off work but couldn’t find shift coverage (h0nestly no surprise there, she is a workaholic.) Lastly my dad said he was going to come, which was the biggest surprise of all because, he barely even made it out to my high school sports events or band concerts. Now, he things he may have to work. Which I understand completely but it’s just a little fishy how everyone has something… especially when I told them so far in advance.


The boyfriend says he has a surprise for me tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT IT IS.

I could postulate that maybe it’s that he has secretly been training and secretly registered for this same race and is going to run it with me. Fingers crossed. lol.

Longest run yet- 8 mile review

Hi all-

Just finished my longest run thus far- 8 miles.

Today most of my running friends ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle. I however did not because, it cost $45 for the 8k race. I know it’s the kick off to the running season but, when you are a poor graduate student you have to choose your battles/races. lol. So instead I found a half-marathon for that same price. I’m all about getting more bang for my buck. So next weekend is the Half. I am getting nervous. So my training scheduled called for an 8 mile today. I completed it much faster than I had expected. I am worried that I will run my half too fast and won’t be able to finish it strong. Maybe I can have my sister jump in at about mile 8 to push me through the last couple miles- for she is a runner as well.

So today’s run went well, to see my running stats please visit my training tab. It was windy and cold. Which also shocked me when I saw my splits, I figured the wind would have affected my pace more. Happy it didn’t.

Here is a before picture- I look so ready-

looking fresh

So pumped for this 8miler

And after so sweaty and gross- but still smiling

I wore my new socks- Features. They were amazing. My feet feel great and happy. No foot problems during this run.

I wore my old shoes because, I am not sure yet which pair of running shoes I am going to chose until then- it looks like I will be wearing my old nike’s.

And to leave you with some Cat-action. He’s a little thief going through my purse. I caught you red handed mister.

Mmmm... is there anything good in here?

I love me some Coach leather. (little rat)

What- It wasn't me- I'm innocent


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